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Original Formula 1 Car Carnauba Wash And Wax Car Shampoo 473ml

Original Formula 1 Car Carnauba Wash And Wax Car Shampoo 473ml

Brand :F1 Formula
Item Number     :     f1 dashboard
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  • Rich Foam deep Cleans Bugs, Dirt, Tar & Road Grime.
  • No. 1 Grade Carnauba Wax Offers Water-Beading Protection To All Paint Finishes.
  • Rinses Clean & Leaves No Spots.
  • Keeps Paint Shiny & Protected Between Waxing.
  • Will Not Harm Nor Dull Paint Finish Like Liquid Or Powder Household Detergents.
  • Its A Economical & Perfect Gift For Your Car.
  • Buy It Now With Confidence,  

Helpful Hints:-

  • Thoroughly rinse sponges, mitts and the bucket before and after you wash your car. Dirt caught in the sponge or mitt can act like sandpaper on your car's finish.
  • Wash and rinse one section of the car at a time. When washing the entire car at once, soap can dry on the finish, leaving a dull film.
  • Use a gentle stream of water when rinsing. Using high water pressure from a hose will grind dirt into the paint, possibly causing scratches.

FAQ's (Freuently Asked Questions):-

  • Why should I wash my car rather than use an automated car wash?
    Automated car washes may be convenient, but they strip the wax and scratch the finish of your vehicle. Coin-operated, do-it-yourself car washes often use water that is too hot, and brushes that are stiff and dirty. By washing your car at home, you have control of the water temperature and pressure, as well as the cleanliness of your materials.
  • Why shouldn't I use household detergents to wash my car?
    Household cleaners like dishwashing detergent are specifically designed to dissolve grease, so they will remove the natural oils in car wax. Household cleaners will remove your car's wax finish, leaving it with little shine and no protection. Always use a high-quality, liquid car wash like Formula 1 to remove dirt and grime without removing your wax finish.
  • What is the best way to dry my car?
    Soft, used terry towels work the best for drying. Rub gently, turning the towel frequently to take advantage of its entire surface.

Net Quantity:-

  • 16 FL. OZ. (473ml)


Package Included:-

  • 1 x Formula1 Carnauba Wash & Wax Car Shampoo - 473ml


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Condition: New Brand: F1 Formula
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